UNFIX Festival
of Performance & Ecology

We're excited to announce UNFIX NYC! 

This is the first collaboration between UNFIX and theatre company Ren Gyo Soh, produced by the Ume Group. Our programme will be presented at Grace & St. Paul Church, New York City and includes live performance, installations and workshops.

UNFIX NYC will look at the issues of artistic activism and sustainability by bringing together artists who practice in different global settings. Using art and our bodies we want to explore what our physical sense of being alive can offer our understanding of the human self, and our ability to value and nurture our political / cultural / emotional interdependence.

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photo: Vanessa Teran

is a Glasgow based festival of live performance, dance, film, installation, workshop and debate that wants to unravel the knots in how we're living. Ecological crisis and renewal addressed through our bodies and physical sense of living.

UNFIX conceives individual human lives as a microcosm of the whole, and puts it to you: climate change and ecological transformation are happening inside your body, RIGHT NOW.

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