UNFIX Festival

UNFIX is a Glasgow based festival of live performance, dance, film, installation, workshop and debate that wants to unravel the knots in how we're living. Ecological crisis and renewal addressed through our bodies and physical sense of living.

UNFIX conceives individual human lives as a microcosm of the whole, and puts it to you: climate change and ecological transformation are happening inside your body, RIGHT NOW.

Why have a festival of Performance and Ecology?

Ecology is perhaps the grand theme of our times, uniting issues of climate change, sustainability, political independence / inter- dependence, and the various flows of ageing and death, economics, culture and emotion. Rather than restricting itself to ‘environmental art’, UNFIX chooses a broad definition of the term  including ecologies of:

• Imagination and Culture (the ideas, myths, dreams and archetypes we live by)
• Politics & Economics
• Environment
• Soul & Mental Health: the individual & collective psyche and questions of balance, physical maintenance and happiness; ecologies of emotion and the forces of love, conflict, anger, shame. 

UNFIX is conceived as an act of love, a bear hug to the world, a prayer of sorts. As humans we don’t have to ‘work hard’ and ‘earn a living’; we already have one by virtue of being alive. The question is how to engage with it. We believe performance, art, discussion, food and ritual can help us ask with courage.

How we can love each other more? How we can conceive of ourselves as more than cogs / competitors / applicants-to-life? How can we realise ourselves as processes rather than nouns, and everything we encounter as parts of ourselves? We would like to learn from all of you, and share what we’ve learned.

We can no longer pretend to be separate from one another.